Smart Home Solution


NEXBANG Products

NX1 Smart Security Camera

NX1 works as a smart hub, It get the notifications from sensors, uploads them to cloud and gets feedback from Users, Then can check notifications on mobile phone, pads or computers

Smart Doorbell

While visitors approach or ring the bell, it will send notifications to the smart security camera .

The camera uploads them to the cloud and users will get push notifications from our app.

Magnetic D/W sensor

It detection wether door/windows are opened abnormally and it can send notifications to camera.

The camera uploads them to the cloud and users will get push notifications from our app.

Smart Lock

Open your door without a key.

Zigbee Smart camera

  • Stability100%
  • Video Safety100%
  • Quality100%

We have rich video data processing experience and testing department has no access to video data.

Unique ID for each device, no default password, to make sure customers' account and password are safe.

Platform security: video transmission real-time encryption, prevent hacker attack, make sure customers video data safe, keep privacy safe. AES256(cfb, cbc) encryption, SSL/TLS encryption transmission, HTTPS encryption transmission, SHA256 encryption.

End user security: Password lock, precise authorization management, data access authorization, login place check to ensure safety.


Our own cloud service makes data safer. Support 7*24 cloud storage, even though the device is damaged, video could be viewed in cloud. Data is safer and no need to worry about human being damage.

Cloud server deployed all over the world(except Africa), ensuring there is no delay for viewing video.

Self-adjust stream rate, compatible with various band width, Ensuring video smoothly playback.

One key configuration, Auto Wifi searching, one key connect.